Graduate Certificate / Diploma / Masters in Healthcare and Remote and Extreme Environments

Including following units:

  • Medicine in Extreme Environments
  • Operational Aspects of Healthcare in Remote and Extreme Environments
  • Human Behaviour in Extreme Environments
  • Expedition Medicine
  • Humans in Space
  • Extreme Sports Medicine
  • Medical Care on Inland and Offshore Waters

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Short Courses

  • Expedition Medicine (8 Day Winter or Summer) (UTAS)
  • Procedural Skills for Abdominal Emergencies (UTAS)
  • Regional Anaesthesia (UTAS)
  • Emergency Dentistry (UTAS)
  • Medical Care on Board Ships – for ships officers (UTAS–AMC AAD)
  • Space Medicine – Humans In Space Course (UTAS–ASAM)
  • Cold Climate Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine
  • Remote X-ray Operators Course (UTAS Online)

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The University of Tasmania is a founding partner of CARMM. The UTAS College of Health and Medicine, Menzies Research Institute and the Australian Maritime College collaborates with partners including the Australian Antarctic Division and the Tasmanian Health Service to deliver high quality education and training pathways in Healthcare in Remote and Extreme Environments.