• Antarctic Human Biology and Medicine
  • Living and Working in Cold Environments
  • Safe and Productive Maritime and Shipboard Environments
  • Extreme Environment Medicine, Physiology and Psychology
  • Remote Health Services
  • Telehealth/Digital Health
  • Human Factors and Performance in Cold and Extreme Environments
  • Survival Physiology and Medicine
  • Space Life Sciences, Health and Space Analogues

CARMM provides access to a collaborative network of world class researchers and innovators in remote and extreme environment healthcare. Combining university academia, education and research, medical research institutes, clinical services and disciplines with access to remote and extreme environments including hypobaric (space), hyperbaric (underwater), high altitude, extreme cold and polar expeditionary and maritime environments enables high quality research and necessary innovation.

The Australian Antarctic Division has an enviable human biology and medicine research and innovation track record since its commencement in 1947 as the Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition (ANARE) and now Australia’s Antarctic Program (AAP). Australian Antarctic research stations are acknowledged as a high fidelity space analogue, and the AAD has collaborated with NASA since 1993 in operational and research activities and continues to undertake research that informs success of missions in both Antarctic, and space extreme environments.

The University of Tasmania College of Health and Medicine, The Menzies Research Institute, the Australian Maritime College and the Tasmanian Health Service comprise leading research, academic and clinical support and expertise to partner and facilitate successful programs of study, research and innovation.

CARMM welcomes expressions of interest in research and innovation in healthcare in remote and extreme environments. All activities are subject to approvals by CARMM and relevant partners and require usual research, academic and ethics approvals.

Please contact us with any enquiries.