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  • Tasmanian Rural Generalist Program
  • ACRRM Accredited Registrar Training and Posts
  • Telehealth Enabled Remote Supervision

What is a Rural Generalist?

A Rural Generalist (RG) is a medical practitioner who is trained to meet the specific current and future health care needs of Australian rural and remote communities, in a sustainable and cost-effective way, by providing both comprehensive general practice and emergency care, and required components of other medical specialist care in hospital and community settings as part of a rural healthcare team. Collingrove Agreement 2018

The skills of the RG are;

  • Providing unsupervised, un-referred community or primary care of individuals, families and communities.
  • Working unsupervised to provide in-patient and emergency care in a hospital or related setting such as a remote health centre or multipurpose health service.
  • Providing additional skills service in at least one approved medical discipline that is required to sustain continuing and comprehensive healthcare services in regional, rural and remote communities.
  • Providing services across the continuum of care in a range of settings and service delivery models including outreach where required.
  • Applying a population health approach with relevance to the community in which they practice.
  • Working as part of a multi-professional and multi-disciplinary team of colleagues, both local and distant, to provide services within a ‘system of care’ that is aligned and responsive to community needs.

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This project is funded by the Australian Government through the National Partnership Agreement on Improving Health Services in Tasmania.

Do you want to become an Australian Antarctic Medical Practitioner?

The Australian Antarctic Division Polar Medicine Unit provides mentorship, supervision and training posts for ACRRM registrars and trainees — many have achieved Fellowship (FACRRM) equipped and supported to work in remote and extreme environments. Training posts are supported by face to face intensive training in Tasmania, and remote telehealth enabled education, 24/7 support and supervision at remote sites. ACRRM accredited training posts include Remote Medicine Advanced Specialist Training (AST) and Primary Rural and Remote Medicine.

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What is required to undertake Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine accredited training?

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Are you interested in a Tasmanian Rural Generalist Scholarship?

The Tasmanian Rural Generalist Scholarships are offered to aspiring rural generalists in Tasmania. Keep a watch out for future application dates.

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