Maritime Medicine:

  • Maritime Medical Standards and Screening
  • Shipboard Medical Care and Support
  • Shipboard Medical Facility Design
  • Medical Care on Board Ships Course (AMSA/STCW)
  • Southern Ocean Maritime Medical Evacuation
  • Safe and Productive Maritime and Shipboard Environments
  • Human Factors and Performance in Cold Environments
  • Cold Physiology and Survival Medicine
  • Cold Climate Diving
  • Hyperbaric/Hypobaric(Space) Medicine
  • Submarine and Underwater Habitat Medicine
  • Medical Care on Inland and Offshore Waters Course

Tasmanian is Australia’s only maritime state with Hobart as Australia’s Antarctic gateway supporting Southern Ocean, subantarctic and Antarctic shipping and maritime activities. CARMM partners have been delivering cold environment and extreme maritime medical care, support and research over more than six decades. The Australian Antarctic Division, University of Tasmania’s Australian Maritime College, Institute of Marine and Antarctic Science (IMAS) and their clinical, Tasmanian Government, industry and research partners bring together a unique breadth and depth of maritime expertise. Hobart is home to the Tasmanian Health Service, Department of Hyperbaric and Space Medicine, which houses the Southern Hemisphere’s only hyperbaric/hypobaric (space) recompression chamber facility and speciality expertise.